Manage media articles from idea to publish


About Sockpuppet

Sockpuppet is a trello like app that makes it easy to organize the all team while writing articles. Articles can be discussed, written, assigned and scheduled for publishing.
It's a way to keep track of stories and authors for the digital publishing world.

Boost Tracker uses a Kaban board style to organise stories while in their different stages. The normal timeline of a story is divided into the Stream, which is the discovery phase, the Writing of the selected stories, where the admins can assign different stories to any author, the Titling of each and the final step, the Publishing, where the user can select on which time slot every selected story goes.

By using this workflow it is easy for the all team to keep on track with all the stories and who is doing what on the team.


The overall UI of sockpuppet.

The stories are divided into the 4 main sections of the story lifespan before publishing. The Stream, Writing, Titling and Publishing (the final step).


Articles can be sorted as a list or as cards so that it becomes easy to scan through the pictures.

sockpuppet wireframes

Modal wireframes showing the 3 steps of building a story: Choose a title, adapt the media to the content and preview it.

Title choosing

Authors can vote on titles in order to choose the one that works best.

Image cropping

Multiple ratios are used on the different websites, so a custom crop tool was made to accommodate for this.


The history panel allows the authors to check who did what and keep on track.

Older iterations

Some older iterations on the history modal (some more advanced features, like filtering, for example).

Older iterations

Some other iterations on the title and image cropping screens, including the preview screen that opens on a new browser tab.