Manage Your Athletes and Workout Plans


About TrainerPlan

TrainerPlan was born from a personal need when trying to find a simple way to manage workouts. After doing some research around the current competition, I saw there was a place for the TrainerPlan idea in the sports management field.

With TrainerPlan you can manage all of your athletes and their workout plans in advance and everything is accessible from the cloud.

Keep track of all communication both in the app and in your email. All of the UI and UX was craft with simplicity in mind, taking the UI out of the way.

Marketing site

Marketing site for TrainerPlan. The goal of this page is to briefly explain the key features of TrainerPlan driving users to the pricing page.


You can add/edit/delete works for the athlete you've selected.


Overview of the calendar showing the training for the week.


Dropdown where the athletes workouts can easily be selected.