Automation Workflows

Automate your workflows


About Automation Workflows

Workflows is an automation tool built into Salesmessage so that users could automate their lead reaching process. The goal was to make the feature fit inside the already familiar UI/UX and make it simple enough so that initial friction was as little as possible.

The initial feedback came from support and feature requests (Canny), we then gathered some insights by doing the initial user research with our current users.

The problem

Before, there wasn't a way for users to automate their workflows, and every action performed on the platform had to be done manually.

The majority of Salesmsg users are either doing sales or support, and keeping track of lead messages and/or support tickets, can be a tedious job, specially when doing repetitive work.

Workflows were a much requested feature (we used Canny for feature requests and to engage with our customer base), and after a few insightful interviews with some users we decided that an automation tool could simplify a lot of the work done in the platform.

Wait actions initial options sketching. Trying to organize the wait action so it is easier and familiar to use.


After the initial research analysis and first sketching ideas are discussed and approved, we then move into laying out the different components that make the feature as more detailed wireframes. This helps us better visualize how patters will work while still not being "obfuscated" by the UI part.
Prototypes are constructed early on in this phase so basic interactions are tested.

Workflow canvas The workflow automation canvas MVP
Actions Example of some of the action details displaying on the edit sidebar.