Boost Tracker

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About Boost Tracker

Boost Tracker is an internal tool custom made to manage authors and articles and find all valuable information about social reach. The main purpose of this product was to keep track of all the important KPI's of the stories published and also a way to keep track of each author and their assigned articles/stories.

Each author was given a score based on their articles performance so the admins could have a better sense of how and what where the articles that were performing better.

The platform was tied together with Sockpuppet (where the stories were managed) and the actual articles published on the different websites and mobile apps.

The problem

When you have a media or entertainment company with dozens or hundreds of writers and authors, it's hard to keep on track of who's doing what and how the stories written are performing.

This app was built internally at Digital Takeover, to serve as the main anchor between owners, stakeholders and writers.

It should be a simple and straightforward to use app, but at the same time it should show all relevant KPI's for the business owners. Revealing data like the writers that are performing better and have a clear view how that affects revenue.

Sketches Initial sketches while researching for the most useful data to include.

The solution

To solve the authors performance we came up with a way to gamification. This involved an algorithm that could track the writers and stories performance based on the writer's stories and the stories engagement (views, clicks, facebook likes, etc).

So each author and story would have a score based on this metrics. This way it was easier to see which kind of stories performed better and what kind of stories writers should be doing at any given time.

Initial dashboard wireframes. Dashboard lo-fi wireframes


Some things were later changed/tweaked on final comps as we quickly iterated directly on Sketch or code. The app is divided into 3 main sections, the dashboard, the authors and the stories. Each one with it's own detail page.

Boost Tracker KPI BT's Dashboard with an overview of all available key metrics

Author and Stories

The authors pages reveals all the available writers and their relevant information and KPI's, such average score for every story they own.

Author dashboard page Author detail page
Story detail page Story detail page

Search and Boost

One important feature was to be able to quickly search through thousands of stories/articles. So we've decided to make this screen as simple as possible. The key action on this screen is the "Enable Boost" feature, which allows the user to control the boost expenses in the Facebook Boost feature.

When enabled, key information such the ROI could be easily calculated and therefore get a better understanding on how the post is doing.

Search and Boost feature Search and Boost feature