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Waldo Photos

Waldo Photos searches for you in the events you participated in by using a proprietary face recognition system.


Workflows is an automation tool built into Salesmessage that helps users automate their lead reaching process.

Onboarding process UX

For this project I was in charge of simplifying the onboarding process as well as making it easy to navigate, understand and convert.

Salesmsg website

Redesign of the web presence with the goal of better showing our products value.

Stock Management App
  • Stock Management App

Manage large and complex orders and stocks in an intuitive way. The main goal was to fit all the information and a large number of items into one single app, so that users could easily contact the dealers and send their orders directly from the mobile app.


Sockpuppet is a trello like app that makes it easy to organize the all team while writing articles. Articles can be discussed, written, assigned and scheduled for publishing.


Marketing website for a local marketing company Localistico.

Courses iconography

Marketing site and Web app screens for educational online MCAT courses. The web app is a platform where the users can enroll different courses and have access to different resources.


Boost Tracker is an internal tool custom made for qpolitical and getinmybelly websites to manage authors and articles and find all valuable information about social reach.

Do you know who you really are? Discover your innerself and improve with personal development classes online.


CallRail is a phone call tracking and analytics platform that helps businesses understand which marketing campaigns are delivering valuable phone call conversions.


With TrainerPlan you can manage all of your athletes and their workout plans in advance and everything is accessible from the cloud. Keep track of all communication both in the app and in your email.

Bauj sells unique furniture pieces that are available on a limited time frame.