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About Jack Westin Courses

JackWesting provides an online platform for students who are taking the MCAT test. The app provides the resources and helps students schedule and buy online courses.


Jack Westin's marketing landing page. The objective was to make the website somewhat fun, and yet very simple to use.

JackWestin marketing site exams page from the Marketing site. Each course is intended to be completely custom based on the cities they are presented on.

JackWestin marketing site

More inner pages of the website. In this case the exams and exercises page. Each day a new exercise would be posted, so this page acts similar to a blog.

JackWestin web app

The dashboard includes the most important sections as cards, so it helps the onboarding process by keeping the options as clear as possible.

JackWestin web app

Each Course detail page will display the resources, courses and exams available, therefore we use a breadcrumb style so the user knows on each course he is at all times.

Support page

The support page contains custom iconography to make it easy to identify the main sections.

Help Center page

For Help section, we wanted to follow the same guidelines as in the support page specially because it has a lot of different areas.