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getinmybelly website

About GetInMyBelly

GetInMyBelly provides daily tasty video recipes that are easy to follow. The page was design to provide an easy scan of recipes using a seamless grid that will autoload when scrolling.

On this website we tried to achieve an easy and playful look, using Monster "Gimby" as the GetInMyBelly mascot and bright and playful colors.

The website also has a companion iOS app that includes functions like saving recipes and a shopping list.

getinmybelly web

Overview of the home and article pages layout for GetInMyBelly.

getinmybelly ios

The iOS app follows the same design pattern. The main focus on this app is to view and share the recipes.

getinmybelly advertising page

The GetInMyBelly advertising page was built to attract potential clients that want to advertise their brands on the GetInMyBelly platform.