Boost Tracker

Manage Authors and Posts


About Boost Tracker

Boost Tracker is an internal tool custom made to manage authors and articles and find all valuable information about social reach. The main purpose of this product was to keep track of all the important KPI's of the stories published and also a way to keep track of each author and their assigned articles/stories.

Each author was given a score based on their articles performance so the admins could have a better sense of how and what where the articles that were performing better.

The platform was tied together with Sockpuppet (where the stories were managed) and the actual articles published on the different websites and mobile apps.

Boost Tracker article list and modal

Each article was listed in the stories section with the main key performance indicators for each one.

The admin has the chance to try and improve the stories reach by boosting it using the boost story feature in Facebook.

Boost Tracker dashboard

View of the Boost Tracker's dashboard.

The KPI's are being sent to Boost Tracker from different platforms like Google Analytics, Adsense, Adwords and Facebook.

Boost Tracker dashboard

The authors page would show each individual KPI and also all of their stories and each one's data.